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Cakes made with love, care & compassion 

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Welcome to GoVegan. 

At GoVegan we are passionate about making delicious cakes and baked goods that involve no dairy, eggs or animal products.

Gluten free products are also available on request.

Our message is that people can enjoy delightful treats that DO NOT involve any animal cruelty. 

Let's spread the word.

At GoVegan, all of our cakes and bakes are made with love, care and compassion by Vegans right in the heart of Brighton. 

We want to create awareness that our pleasure does not have to create pain and suffering to vulnerable animals. 

Let's spread the word and GoVegan!



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"This vegan cake range is insane ."

— Local Source Magazine, Brighton

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We believe in taking action, standing up for what you believe in and being vocal doesn't mean you have to miss out! We believe there is a movement on the horizon and it starts with delicious cakes in the heart of Brighton city centre.

Watch this trend!